Our First Events / Lunch!

Hey everyone!!

We have been open for a few weeks, worked out A LOT of kinks, and are enjoying every minute!!

My staff has been absolutely amazing to work with and has freed up a lot of my time way earlier than expected 🙂 So, now on to my favorite part of owning a business – event planning!! O – and how can I forget, we are adding lunch starting Friday too!!

Our first event was a beer and dessert waffle pairing.  This was more of an informal event where customers came in and were given their pairing.  Had wonderful feedback on the desserts – thankfully!!  Again, my staff made sure everything ran so smoothly that I was able to finalize the menu for our Cigar City Beer Dinner!!!  Woot Woot!! This event is featuring 2 year-around brews from Cigar City and two seasonal, more unique brews.  We will be hosting it on our private room so Kyle, from Cigar City, and I can tell you all about the beers, the food, and the pairings 🙂  Since it is our first event, it will be limited to 25 people at the most, and a few of these will be the gracious Indiegogo Fundraiser supporters from before we opened.    This event can be found under our events page: www.Magnoliaspub.com/Events

Our daily events so far are:
Mondays – a 5k get fit route.  This is just a group of us that meet at Magnolia’s – walk/jog/runs a 5k route (or 2 miles if you want something shorter) and meet back up for drinks, food and the best part – socializing! Come on out and join us! It is free and fun!

Tuesdays- Active military gets first drink free with a meal!  And everyone gets Happy Hour ALL DAY!!!

Wednesdays- Wacky Waffle Wednesdays! – Full waffle with 2 mix-ins, 3 toppings and an adult drink for only $9.95!

Saturdays & Sundays – Bottomless Mimosas for $12 with a meal – 10am-2pm

First day!

Thank you everyone for checking us out on our first day!! (8/13)

We filled the house for dinner and had AMAZING feedback!! We could not have asked for a better community to be part of 🙂

Hopefully SOON! :)

Hey everyone!!!

We have made great strides and are on our way to opening!

We have a lot completed, new paint inside and out, all bathrooms working, new store fronts, bar top, coca cola, coffee, tea, beer lines, electricity, etc.! The list is huge!

My fiancee and I have created a unique bar top, tap systems, bathroom sinks, and tables! We love designing and putting our personal touch into everything 🙂

We have local art from the Murray Hill Arts center going up this week/next weekend for dining room patrons enjoyment.

We are aiming to open the first or second week in August to the public after a few trial runs with family and friends.

We have posted our menu (of course some items may change, but we have eaten our way through it many times!) for you to droll over.

I look forward to meeting everyone soon!!


We are getting SO close to opening!!!

We are aiming for the beginning of July! How awesome is that?!?

Some of our new fronts went in and more are going in this coming week.  All the big items are in.  I will be working on the tap wall and the bar top this weekend and finishing it up and painting soooon!! This is very very excited!!

We are also hosting open interviews next week (information on the main page).  Already hired a lot of great candidates!

New Fronts & Back!!

Have you driven by lately?!

I am sure you have seen all most of the fronts are all boarded up.  We are getting new store fronts so they all match!! We will also be painting the front and back, adding lights for the sign and getting our sign hand-painted!  This is going to be one gorgeous front!

Also – if all works out – we will be putting in a garage door window front to enjoy the outdoors while you are indoor – fingers crossed!

What else is going on?

We have added in our HUGE grease trap (check out FaceBook for pictures – Magnolia’s Pub) in the back and will also be getting the back parking lot re-surfaced for additional parking (woot woot!).

Our walk-in cooler is in and we will soon be adding the taps – we will surely share a picture of this when it is complete – it is going to look A-MAZ-ING!

We are working as fast as we can to make sure we open soon BUT we want to make sure everything is perfect for you too!

Stay Tuned!

One Spark 2016!


Come find us on April 7th, 2016. We will be showing off one of the tables that we custom made, serving up some waffle donuts, selling some beer jewerly and beer coozies, and of course, hitting you up for donations to help us open!

More about One Spark: www.OneSpark.com
Creators: http://onespark.com/2016-spark-walk-creators/
Our Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/magnolia-s-a-unique-dining-experience-murray-hill/x/13495647#/


We are still working hard at trying to get Magnolia’s open! Lots of road bumps with renovating a building 100 years old, but we will get there!!

We would love some help from you too! But this time in return you are getting some amazing deals!!  Visit our fundraiser on Indiegogo, choose a perk (or you can just click “contribute now too”) and when we are open you can redeem your perk!

There are amazing options like first dibs at a table, beer dinner tickets, free drinks, free desserts! If you have any suggestions please feel free to e-mail them or Facebook us them and we will add it!

Fundraiser: Magnolia’s Coming to Murray Hill!

Facebook:Like us on FB!

E-mail: Magnolia@magnoliaspub.com

We need your help!!

Our hearing has been moved to Oct. 22, at 1pm.   Our application and noticed that the city sent out did not specifically state liquor, as they need to for this zoning area. We will keep you posted on any additional up-dates. Thank you for your support!

Magnolia’s needs to have a city hearing for a parking reduction for off-street private parking from 61 spots required to 16.  There are only 16 off street parking spots in the back area. The 61 spots was calculated for all the spots inside the buildings that will house Magnolia’s, including the vacant upstairs spaces, nail and food place.  There area also a lot of shared parking spaces on Plymouth Ave. and on Edgewood Ave. S.  We also need to have a hearing for outside sales and service of alcohol.  We are in hopes to expand and up-date the back patio to make the outside parking lot and patio more appealing and enjoyable.

Submitting your name and address saying you are in-support of this would help greatly!!
If you want to include your e-mail for further newsletters including the final date and time of the hearing we will keep you informed. If you want to help further, coming to the meeting and speaking in favor of a parking reduction requirement and outside sales and service would be greatly appreciated. It is currently scheduled for Thursday, October 8th at 1pm.  We will keep you up-date through e-mail.

Magnolia’s is also hopeful to get the Merchant’s Association back up and running! Having the community work together is a great way to help Murray Hill grow and prosper!

By giving us your name and address you are showing you are in support of Magnolia's Parking Reduction and Outside sales and Service of Alcohol. It will only be used to show where community support for Magnolia's is at the hearing.
Please enter your address and include "Murray Hill" if you live in Murray Hill. This will help show where our support lives.
We will only e-mail you if you ask to be including in the newsletter.
Type YES if you want to be included in our newsletter and get more information on the hearing!



Coming Soon!!

Magnolia’s Pub is a Family Friendly Restaurant coming soon to Murray Hill in Jacksonville, Florida!!

Stay tuned for up-dates on the progress of our new adventure!