Hopefully SOON! :)

Hey everyone!!!

We have made great strides and are on our way to opening!

We have a lot completed, new paint inside and out, all bathrooms working, new store fronts, bar top, coca cola, coffee, tea, beer lines, electricity, etc.! The list is huge!

My fiancee and I have created a unique bar top, tap systems, bathroom sinks, and tables! We love designing and putting our personal touch into everything 🙂

We have local art from the Murray Hill Arts center going up this week/next weekend for dining room patrons enjoyment.

We are aiming to open the first or second week in August to the public after a few trial runs with family and friends.

We have posted our menu (of course some items may change, but we have eaten our way through it many times!) for you to droll over.

I look forward to meeting everyone soon!!

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