Our First Events / Lunch!

Hey everyone!!

We have been open for a few weeks, worked out A LOT of kinks, and are enjoying every minute!!

My staff has been absolutely amazing to work with and has freed up a lot of my time way earlier than expected 🙂 So, now on to my favorite part of owning a business – event planning!! O – and how can I forget, we are adding lunch starting Friday too!!

Our first event was a beer and dessert waffle pairing.  This was more of an informal event where customers came in and were given their pairing.  Had wonderful feedback on the desserts – thankfully!!  Again, my staff made sure everything ran so smoothly that I was able to finalize the menu for our Cigar City Beer Dinner!!!  Woot Woot!! This event is featuring 2 year-around brews from Cigar City and two seasonal, more unique brews.  We will be hosting it on our private room so Kyle, from Cigar City, and I can tell you all about the beers, the food, and the pairings 🙂  Since it is our first event, it will be limited to 25 people at the most, and a few of these will be the gracious Indiegogo Fundraiser supporters from before we opened.    This event can be found under our events page: www.Magnoliaspub.com/Events

Our daily events so far are:
Mondays – a 5k get fit route.  This is just a group of us that meet at Magnolia’s – walk/jog/runs a 5k route (or 2 miles if you want something shorter) and meet back up for drinks, food and the best part – socializing! Come on out and join us! It is free and fun!

Tuesdays- Active military gets first drink free with a meal!  And everyone gets Happy Hour ALL DAY!!!

Wednesdays- Wacky Waffle Wednesdays! – Full waffle with 2 mix-ins, 3 toppings and an adult drink for only $9.95!

Saturdays & Sundays – Bottomless Mimosas for $12 with a meal – 10am-2pm

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