We need your help!!

Our hearing has been moved to Oct. 22, at 1pm.   Our application and noticed that the city sent out did not specifically state liquor, as they need to for this zoning area. We will keep you posted on any additional up-dates. Thank you for your support!

Magnolia’s needs to have a city hearing for a parking reduction for off-street private parking from 61 spots required to 16.  There are only 16 off street parking spots in the back area. The 61 spots was calculated for all the spots inside the buildings that will house Magnolia’s, including the vacant upstairs spaces, nail and food place.  There area also a lot of shared parking spaces on Plymouth Ave. and on Edgewood Ave. S.  We also need to have a hearing for outside sales and service of alcohol.  We are in hopes to expand and up-date the back patio to make the outside parking lot and patio more appealing and enjoyable.

Submitting your name and address saying you are in-support of this would help greatly!!
If you want to include your e-mail for further newsletters including the final date and time of the hearing we will keep you informed. If you want to help further, coming to the meeting and speaking in favor of a parking reduction requirement and outside sales and service would be greatly appreciated. It is currently scheduled for Thursday, October 8th at 1pm.  We will keep you up-date through e-mail.

Magnolia’s is also hopeful to get the Merchant’s Association back up and running! Having the community work together is a great way to help Murray Hill grow and prosper!

By giving us your name and address you are showing you are in support of Magnolia's Parking Reduction and Outside sales and Service of Alcohol. It will only be used to show where community support for Magnolia's is at the hearing.
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