Lahm names France as favorite to win Euro 2024.

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France is the team that has a better chance of winning Euro 2024 than any other nation, according to Philipp Lahm a former German player.

Philipp Lahm, the legend of Germany’s national team who won the 2014 World Cup, has named France as the favorite team to have a chance of winning Euro 2024 in Germany in the middle of this year, contrary to the views of legitimate gambling dens. English law According to a report from ufabet last Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, William Hill, an elite betting house, has England as the number 1 favorite with the highest chance of winning Euro 2024, followed by France, while the host nation Germany is the third favorite, while Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy or Netherlands There is a chance to take the champions in descending order.

But Lahm takes a different view from William Hill, citing France, the former 2022 World Cup runner-up and 2018 World Champion, as the country that has a better chance of success in the tournament in Germany later this year. Another team

‘France (are favorites) quite easily because of what they have. I would say they have 40 very talented players. They have a very balanced group of players and can make changes easily. Bring a player from the bench who can start without making an impact. But the most important thing is to play as a team on the field,’ Lahm said.